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Every year as a Reception teacher, I welcome a new class of children to their first year at school.  These new pupils have a range of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Each year, I endeavour to give my class the best guidance, support, and preparation for their school life. Witnessing my pupil’s progress and accomplishments is the most fulfilling part of my job and in some respects, my life. This fulfilment has motivated me to think of ways I can extend my remit as a Reception teacher so that the children I adore can benefit from even more guidance and support. 

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I created Helena’s Learning Hub for that reason, to empower parents to prepare and help their children throughout their early years of school.  I want Helena’s Learning Hub to become a community of parents supporting each other and learning together.  It would be wonderful to think that Helena’s Learning Hub can give the fulfilment I feel every year to the most important people in your children’s lives, you!

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