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We provide parents with everything they need to prepare and guide their children through the early years of school.


Helena's Learning Hub is a social learning hub for parents of children that are starting the school journey in Reception/Kindergarten but the resources are adaptable to older children too.  On this site you will find weekly updated downloadable resources, videos, lesson plans and the opportunity to have 1 to 1 lessons and coaching with me, Helena.  You can access the lesson videos and downloadable resources by subscribing to either my free Basic plan or to a Premium plan that gives you access to all of my resources.  I recommend you sign up to my Basic plan to get a feel for the content that my site will provide you.  You can find more details on my plans and subscribe using the menu above or clicking here

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Join now to get your first month free with no commitments!  You will have access to all of our resources and videos for one month!


Helena’s Learning Hub offers two tiers of subscription, 'Basic and Premium.'  Basic offers some resources for free but you will not have access to Premium areas of the website.  However, if you do not wish to subscribe, all resources are available to purchase individually such as videos and activity sheets.

My Premium monthly subscription package gives you access to all current and new content including videos, activity worksheets and live lessons.  If you would like to sample some of the content I produce, subscribe to our Basic plan, it is free!

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My name is Helena and for the last ten years I have been a reception teacher.  I am qualified to teach any Primary School year but I found reception is the year I love to teach the most.  The reason I love teaching reception is how fulfilling it is to witness and be part of the amount of progress I see in my pupils over the year.

I graduated from St Mary’s College in 2008 after completing a four year BA (ITT - Initial Teacher Training) in Teaching with a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) specialising in Science.  I have held a permanent teaching role in two separate schools and prior to that worked as a supply teacher for three years.  I have held the role of reception teacher at my current school for seven years and in that time have also become assistant lead of Mathematics for Reception and Key Stage 1.




Stacy, Parent

Thanks a lot for my child report. Thank you very much to Miss Helena and all other school staff for the hard work in the hard times for my child’s education.


Helena is an integral part of the EYFS team. She goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and to ensure the children are receiving a quality education.

Claire, Customer

Helena has been tutoring my daughter for nearly a year now. Both myself and her teachers have noticed a huge improvement and we are very grateful to her. She is patient and supportive and my daughter has a fantastic relationship with her. Helena also talks to me at the end of every session and tells me the next targets I need to work on with her.

Jane,  Customer

I decided to home tutor my son and needed some support and guidance.  Helena was recommended to me by a friend and she has been wonderful.  I feel like I now have some structure to my home lessons and Helena has been massively supportive, I cant recommend her enough!

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